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Pond vacs help and advice

Keep your pond toxin-free

A pond vacuum is an innovative, easy way to remove debris and sludge from the bottom of your pond. Not only does this keep your pond looking its best, but it is vital to ensure a good supply of oxygen to any fish or pond plants. We sell a wide range of pond vacs from top brands including Hozelock, Pontec and Oase.

What are Pond Vacs?

Just like your vacuum at home, a pond vac has a long attachment that you run across the bottom of your pond which collects any debris and toxins that have settled there - such as fish waste or rotting plants. The debris is collected in a basket which you can then empty into a bin after each use. Some pond vacs are even suitable for cleaning swimming pools, so have a superb level of suction to ensure a thorough job.

Why should I buy a pond vac?

A build-up of fish waste, rotting plants and other waste can add toxins to the water harming any pond life by reducing the oxygen levels. Fish are particularly sensitive to oxygen levels and if the build-up of toxins isn't fixed fairly quickly they will begin to develop poor health that could eventually lead to death. A pond vac is a quick and easy way to remove the toxins in the water and protect your fish.

What are the main types of pond vacs?

Most pond vacs work the same as each other with a few key features differentiating the range, however, Swell UK's pond vac range also includes several accessories to help you make the most of your pond vacs. To ensure you have everything you need check that the products you're buying are compatible with each other and do not need any extra parts (like a pond vac) to work.

What features should you look out for when buying pond vacs?

Pond vacs have a collection tank that can only collect a certain amount of water before it must be emptied, the larger your pond the larger this tank will need to be to avoid multiple empties in a single clean. It's also worth looking at the guarantee and power of the pond vacs as these will help you discern the quality and efficiency of each model.

What accessories should I buy with a pond vac?

We sell a range of pond vac accessories to help you make the most of your pond vac. These accessories include debris collectors, which you can empty your collection tank through before returning the water to your pond to ensure it is clear, and sludge bags that efficiently and cleanly collect sludge to be disposed of.