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Swell Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Our best-selling fish pond vacuum cleaner

At a glance...
  • Best-selling pond vacuum cleaner
  • Removes dirt and debris before it breaks down
  • Powerful 1400 W motor and 25-litre collection tank
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Excellent service and fast delivery which is the norm for this excellent company. I highly recommended the Swell Pond Vacuum Cleaner!

What is the Swell Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

The Swell Pond Vacuum Cleaner is our best-selling fish pond vacuum cleaner. By regularly vacuuming your pond to remove debris such as sludge, algae, and decaying plant material, you'll have a noticeably clearer pond and healthier water, and you'll usually need to spend less time maintaining your filter.

How does it work?

This pond vac looks like a regular vacuum cleaner and features a powerful 1400 Watt motor which sits on top of a 25-litre collection tank. Simply use one of the three different suction nozzles provided to suck the debris out of your pond until the collection tank is full, then dispose of the waste water onto your garden, and top up the pond with dechlorinated tap water.

What debris will this pond vacuum handle?

Pond vacuums are designed to handle soft debris, such as sludge, algae, and decomposing leaves. Just like a regular indoor vacuum cleaner, larger items such as twigs or stones could block the hose so try to avoid sucking these up where possible.

What size pond will this handle?

The Swell Pond Vacuum Cleaner is best suited to small and medium-sized ponds. For larger, deeper ponds, we'd recommend choosing a more powerful vac from our pond vacuum range.

Price point Budget / Mid-range
Debris handled Sludge, algae, leaves, small stones
Guarantee 2-year guarantee
Power 1400 Watts
Sludge bag included Available separately
Maximum pumping height 2m
Collection tank volume 25 litres
Cleaning nozzles 3
Cleaning hose length 4 m
Discharge hose length 2 m
Cable length 4 m
Fitted plug Yes
Dimensions 37 x 37 x 54 cm approximately
Country of origin China
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