Hutton Aquatic Products Gold Label Pond Sealer

Pond liner sealant

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  • Underwater sealant that's ideal for butyl pond liner repairs
  • Fish-safe pond liner sealer
  • Four times the bond strength of a silicone sealer
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What is Gold Label Pond Sealer?

Gold Label Pond Sealer is a strong underwater sealant that allows you to repair rips and holes in pond liners. It is non-toxic, solvent and is isocyanate-free so there is no need to drain your pond when making the repair. Perfect for use with butyl pond liners, this pond liner sealant will bond to a variety of surfaces.

What materials can I use Gold Label Pond Sealer with?

This heavy-duty Hutton Aquatic Products pond sealer is perfect for sticking together a wide variety of materials including various forms of butyl rubber, vinyl, plastic, ceramic, concrete, wood and glass. Specially designed to adhere to pond liners or patches, Gold Label Pond Sealer is also ideal for sealing bottom drains, tank connectors, pipe inlets and surface skimmers.

Can I use Hutton Aquatic Products Gold Label Pond underwater sealer on marine tanks?

Yes, there is no difference in performance between freshwater and saltwater. This aquarium sealer can also be used safely on coral or living rock as it is an inert, non-toxic product. For best results on aquarium repairs or construction, we suggest using Silver Label sealant.

How do I use this underwater sealant?

For best results ensure the surface is clean and free of grease, algae etc. Dispense the pond sealer using a sealant gun directly onto the surface you wish to bond or seal. For bonding where there is movement (expansion and contraction) of different substrates, leave a minimum 2mm thickness of bead between surfaces. As Gold Label Pond Sealer is fish safe there is no need to remove fish for curing. The initial tack will take 24 hours and the sealant will continuously harden for up to 7 days.

How can I get the sealant to stick better to my pond liner?

The most common reason to use a sealant to stick to a pond liner is that you are trying to use it as glue. It's important to note that if you press down onto the surfaces to be stuck, the area cannot cure. Always apply a bead of approx 5 mm and gently attach the object of the liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5 mm.

How long after using Gold Label Sealer can I refill my pond?

If repair work has taken place on the side of the pond, it can be refilled immediately. However, if the repair seal is at the bottom of the pond, wait for 24 hours to refill.

Fish safe Yes
Underwater use Yes
Optimum temperature 16°C (will not cure below freezing)
Solvent-free Yes
Isocyanate free Yes
Use for aquarium construction Silver Label is specially formulated for fish tank construction and repairs
Bonds HDPE No
Bonds PVC No
Bonds butyl rubber Yes
Silicone gun required Yes
Size 290 ml
Colour Black
Shelf life Up to 12 months in ambient conditions (10-25°C)
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