Swell Pond Liner Repair Tape

Great for dealing with your pond's everyday wear and tear

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  • Double-sided tape to repair small holes and tears in butyl rubber pond liners
  • Made from high-quality butyl
  • 50 mm wide and available in 1 metres increments
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What is Swell Pond Liner Repair Tape?

Swell Pond Liner Repair Tape is a double-sided tape that is an extremely economical way of repairing holes and pond leaks in butyl pond liners. It works well joining pond liner or patches of pond liner also.

What pond liners can I use Swell Pond Liner Repair Tape with?

This pond leak tape is ideal to use with butyl rubber pond liners in and out of your pond. We also carry PVC pond liner repair patches.

How do I use Swell Pond Liner Repair Tape?

This double-sided pond liner repair tape is 50 mm wide and sold in 1 metre increments. To create a waterproof seal, simply cut the tape to size and press down on top of the puncture. The pond liner tape is extremely sticky and is also ideal for sticking down any unsightly liner creases that can appear in the original liner. Top tip: use wet scissors for ease when cutting the tape.

Fish safe Yes
Underwater use Yes
Out of water use Yes
Bonds butyl rubber Yes
Bonds PVC No
Bonds HDPE No
Length Sold in 1m increments
Width 50mm
Colour Silver
Price point Budget
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