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Pond Decor

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Decor

Add a little flair to your pond

Add interest and colour to your pond with our pond decor products. We have a selection of ducks, ducklings and even an alligator which give your pond a unique look. Made from hardy materials, the ornament can be cleaned easily and will last throughout the year. Our range of pond decor includes top brands like Defenders, Velda and our own top-quality products.

What is pond decor?

Pond decor consists of pond ornaments, flowers and coloured lighting that can be used to decorate your pond and show a little bit of your own style. They also double up as predator deterrents and will help to keep cats and herons away from your precious fish. The artificial lilies are a great way to create shade in your pond during hot weather. In various colours and increasing sizes, the lilies can help reduce the risk of algae growth, as they keep out some light.

Why should I buy pond decor?

Pond decor looks great and has a bunch of fringe benefits for your pond. These are the little touches that your friends and guests will remember about your pond beyond any fancy waterwork. Invest in pond decor to ensure a lasting impression.

What are the main types of pond decor?

We sell a lot of different types of pond decor but the three largest groups are pond ornaments, flowers and coloured lighting. The ornaments simply float on the water and often act as a predator deterrent, flowers (like lilies) also float on the surface and create shade during the summer months while coloured lights are either positioned on the shoreline or water to create dazzling light shows.

What features should you look out for when buying pond decor?

It's all about aesthetics when you're considering pond decor, pick out the items that match your garden and style. Only when you're choosing between a few items that would all look good in your garden should you even consider the different durabilities and extra features offered by the individual products.