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In-Pond Filters

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Help and advice on shopping for: In-Pond Filters

Clear your garden pond of algae in no time

In-pond filter pumps are the ideal solution to clean and clear water. They move water towards a pond filter removing all types of waste and debris. As you'd expect from Swell UK, we have a wide range of in-pond filters from well-known manufacturers such as Blagdon, Oase and Velda and of course the amazing Swell range.

What is an in-pond filter?

In-pond filters, as their name suggests, are designed to operate while fully sitting inside the pond. They remove grime, dirt and debris, keeping your pond healthy and clean. In-pond filters are compact and versatile units and come with a variety of features to suit different operations.

Why might I buy an in-pond filter?

In-pond filter pumps also known as submersible pond pumps are designed to go in the pond and are easily installed. A major advantage of these pumps is that they never have to be primed because they are already submerged in water. In-pond filters are also very energy-efficient as water pressure pushes water into the pump, saving a lot of the pump's energy.

What are the different types of in-pond filters?

In-pond filters are by design, compact and versatile units. Some come complete with attachments to create a water feature, and some have the added power of a UV clarifier to remove algae cells before they increase. Take a look at our own branded filter, the Swell In-Pond All In One Filter 5000. Perfect for fish-free ponds 5000 litres, the device uses a bio-mechanical filtration system to rid the water of all contaminants, waste and debris. The unit also includes attachments to create four different water fountain effects.

What features should I look out for?

When choosing an in-pond filter, there are a few things to consider. Generally suited for small-medium pond sizes, in-pond filter pond pumps can easily handle solids. Most in-pond filters can pass small debris, such as leaves or dirt, without clogging. They are also usually quieter than external pumps and vary in size and power. Some are equipped with a green water UV clarifier as well as biological and mechanical media. These components break down the biological matter in your pond that pollutes the water, effectively lowering the toxicity of your pond.