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Fish Tank Stands

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Help and advice on shopping for: Fish Tank Stands

Ensure your fish tank is secure and well supported

We offer a wide range of stylish fish tank stands designed to enhance the look of our best-selling tanks while offering the correct amount of support for the large and heavy volume of water. All our aquarium stands have been designed by top brands and serve as a great and complementary addition to any home.

What is a fish tank stand?

A fish tank stand is a specially reinforced stand or cabinet designed to hold the weight of a full fish tank. Often, customers buy a fish tank and place it on an ordinary piece of furniture, causing the furniture to sag, crack or fully break, which in turn often destroys the tank. A fish tank stand will withstand this pressure while seamlessly blending into any home decor.

Why should I buy a fish tank stand?

Fish tank stands are a great investment as they help to save space, conceal wires and protect your tank. A crushed piece of furniture and a broken fish tank will often result in damage to an entire room and harm to your fish making the argument for fish tank stands an easy one. Fish tank stands are designed with a reinforced top and extra supports to ensure they can take the weight of a full tank.

What are the main types of fish tank stands?

The main difference in the fish tank stand range is between the different sizes of stands, the tanks they are designed for and whether or not they have cupboards or shelves. Once you know the size of tank you want to buy you can select from our wide variety of stands and buy the one that fits your home's style the best.

What should I look for?

There isn't much else to consider when buying a fish tank stand but it might be worth thinking about what wires and fishkeeping supplies you'll need to store within the stand and whether the stand will be able to accommodate all of your needs. Depending on the tank, you may also need to lay down some matting beneath your tank on the top of your stand to ensure it is completely flat.