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This calculator works out how much Bondaglass G4 Pond Sealer paint you'll need to coat the surface of your pond based on its area in square metres. Simply enter the dimensions of your pond and we'll estimate how much G4 you'll need to paint your pond. If you want a coloured finish, apply two clear coats followed by two coats of either green G4 or black G4.
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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Paint

Give your watercourse the best finish

The best way to seal a rendered pond or water feature to make it waterproof is with pond paint. It's easy to use and comes in several different colours so you can create the perfect look for your pond or watercourse. All of our pond paint is made by industry leader Bondaglass.

What is Pond Paint?

Pond paint is part sealant and part paint, it can be used to seal a rendered pond or water feature. It's safe for use with fish and pond plants, and it won't even affect the pH balance of your water. Pond paint comes in three colours; clear, green and black. It can only be used on a rendered surface, so any concrete render over brick or paving stones. However, it will not work on bitumen, PVC or Butyl Rubber pond liners as it will not adhere to the material.

Why should I buy Pond Paint?

Pond paint seals the porous surface of any render to stop lime from leaching out, or water from seeping into the surrounding walls - this is key as either event can lead to serious damage. The paint also gives a nice, professional finish.

What are the main types of Pond Paint?

The main types of pond paint we stock at Swell UK are easily divided by colour into clear, green and black. Each of these creates a different finish in the pond. Clear is great for highlighting the detail of the rendering, green looks good in a pond with a lot of aquatic flora and black is best used in a pond with colourful fish or lighting.

What features should you look out for when buying Pond Paint?

Ensure that the amount of paint your buying is enough to fully cover your pond a few times over as you will need to apply multiple coats to create a successful barrier (If you're not sure how much paint you'll need you can use our handy pond paint calculator). Also, ensure that the surface you are planning to paint on is suitable before buying the pond paint.

What accessories should I buy with Pond Paint?

While there aren't any accessories needed it may be worth ensuring that you have a few paintbrushes to apply the paint and some pond sealant in case you come across any cracks in the render as you're painting it.