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Help and advice on shopping for: Fountain Jet Attachments

Create spectacular water patterns and protect your fountain from the wind.

Amaze family, friends and guests with our range of fountain attachments. Each attachment gives you everything you need to create jaw-dropping water features with your fountain pump - whether you're setting up in a small pond or a large lake. Find top brands like Oase in our fountain jet attachments range.

What is a fountain jet attachment?

A fountain jet attachment is an attachment that screws onto a fountain pump's outlet to create a different water pattern to spray. Common effects created by fountain jet attachments include bell shapes, vertical projections and foam sprays. Some effects have practical benefits, like increasing wind resistance, but most are designed to be decorative.

Why should I buy a fountain jet attachment?

Beyond creating incredible water features, fountain attachments also allow you to change the direction that water is being sprayed. This can be important when it's windy as the wind can cause fountain water to land in the wrong place, sometimes draining a body of water completely or causing substantial flooding. The most advanced fountain jet attachments go a step further and turn the water into a more foamy consistency, which is far more wind resistant.

What are the main types of fountain jet attachments?

Fountain jet attachments are divided by the type of effect they create. At Swell UK we sell a wide range of fountain jet attachments that create bell, double spray, large spray, vertical jet, three-tier fountain and four-tier fountain water patterns.

What features should you look out for when buying fountain jet attachments?

The important thing to know when shopping for fountain jet attachments is whether they will fit on your fountain pump or not. Most fountain pumps have a male or female attachment extension that usually range from ½" to 1½ " in size (although larger fittings do exist). Work out what attachment extension you have and what attachment fitting you'll need to ensure you buy the correct model for your pump.

What accessories should I buy with a fountain jet attachment?

Fountain jet attachments come as a kit with everything they need to attach to your fountain pump. It's important that you already have a compatible fountain pump to attach to but beyond that, there's nothing else you'll need.