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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Fish Flakes

Keep your pond fish happy and healthy

Pond flake food is where the transition from aquarium food overlaps with pond fish feeding. Great for smaller surface feeding fish in your pond, pond flake foods feature a rich blend of healthy ingredients to support natural growth.

What are pond fish flakes?

Ideal for small to medium pond fish, flake foods are nutritious flakes that float on the surface of the pond. They are the complete daily diet solution for pond fish and are packed with goodness for top health and happy fish.

Why should I buy pond fish flake food?

Floating flake food encourages fish to come to the surface to feed. This way of feeding will give you a chance to do a headcount and quick health check at the same time. With high protein levels and added vitamins, you will notice improved vitality and well-being of your livestock too.

What are the main types of pond fish flakes?

At Swell UK, our pond flake food is ideal for spring, summer and autumn feeding. They suit smaller fish such as juvenile goldfish, shubunkins, golden orfe etc.

What features should you look out for when buying pond flake food?

Flake foods ensure that your pond fish grow in good health. With high protein levels and added vitamins for improved vitality, nutrition and growth, flake foods are essential for all size fish and provide a well-balanced meal every day.

What accessories should I buy with pond flake food?

In winter, pond temperature should be tested and monitored to ensure you are feeding your fish the right food at the right time. The ideal feeding temperature for feeding a normal pond fish food should be above 10°C. Keep an eye on your water quality and health of your fish with the Swell Pond Thermometer.