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Pond Heaters and Ice Preventers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Heaters and Ice Preventers

Protect your pondlife through the winter months

A pond heater is a useful piece of kit for any pondkeeper combating the temperamental conditions of British weather. In the winter months, vegetation and waste matter build-up, which can be fatal to fish and plants trapped under the ice. A pond heater can reduce the likelihood for the pond to fully freeze over and create a 'blow hole' in the surface, allowing toxic gases out and oxygen in. We stock several pond heaters from top brands including Oase and Cloverleaf.

What are pond heaters?

Pond heaters are designed to prevent the surface of your pond from freezing during the winter months. Some pond heaters warm your pond by drawing warm water from the bottom of your pond up to the surface while others actually heat an area around them, similar to a radiator in your house. Despite the name, they're not designed to heat the pond, and instead are aimed at preventing the entire surface freezing over.

Why should I buy a pond heater?

If you have any sort of pondlife, a pond heater is helpful to ensure their safety during winter. When water freezes it forms an airtight barrier between your pond and the surface, which means that your fish may be unable to get enough oxygen and toxic gases may build up under the ice.

What are the main types of pond heaters?

There are a few different types of pond heaters. The most common one is a water heater that is placed in the pond and activates when it detects a chance of freezing, warming the pond as a whole. There are also fountain heaters, which draw warm water from the bottom of the pond and spread it over the top, breaking and melting any ice. Finally, there are water heaters that can be plumbed into your filtration system, to heat the water as it's filtered so it enters the water warmer than it left it.

What features should I look for?

Energy efficiency and automatic activation are key when buying a pond heater as they can be quite costly to run indefinitely. The larger units designed for koi ponds do actually heat the whole pond, but this is overkill for the average garden pond, and a simple ice prevention heater is a better choice for the average pond owner.