Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent Pond Heater

An ice vent pond heater that creates an ice-free zone for your fish

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  • Pond heater for creating easy ventilation
  • Efficient, low-Wattage, convection design
  • Easy to set up thanks to built-in float
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Fighting off the British winter can be tough but at least with this heater, I know my fish are safe.

What is the Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent Heater?

The Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater is a superb anti-freezing solution for ponds of all sizes. By creating a small funnel of warm water, this heater makes a tunnel for gas exchange, improving oxygenation and getting rid of the build-up of toxic gases like nitrites and nitrates that fish waste produces. Unlike other pond heaters, this model is extremely efficient and requires minimal energy, so pond owners can confidently run it through the winter months.

Why should I buy the Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater?

A frozen pond can be disastrous for many pond keepers as it endangers fish and other types of aquatic life. This is because fish need their water to be oxygenated to ensure they’re able to breathe and the frozen water surface forms a barrier preventing gas exchange. With the Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater, you can easily ensure oxygenation within your pond without much setup or power consumption.

How does the Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater work?

The Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater uses a principle called convection to heat water and create an ice-free area on the pond surface. As the water is heated it rises through the funnel and then falls as it cools, this cycle allows the heater to warm a lot of water while using relatively little power.

Why doesn’t the Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent pond heater come with a plug?

Due to a piece of UK electrical legislation, no pond appliance can be sold with a fitted mains plug adapter. You will need to buy your own plug separately and wire the heater into it, or wire your heater into an outdoor power outlet.







Cable length


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Waterproof rating


Suitable for

All ponds up to 5000 litres


2 years

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