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Miscellaneous Pond Treatments

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Help and advice on shopping for: Miscellaneous Pond Treatments

Find the solution to your pond problem

At Swell UK we carry a variety of treatments in stock that will treat all types of pond problems. From duckweed to foam removal, we are sure to have the right solution for you. Our range contains top brands like Tetra, Oase and Aqua Source.

What are miscellaneous pond treatments?

Miscellaneous treatments are pond treatments designed to treat a specific pond problem. Our miscellaneous treatments range features products for treating water after winter, cleaning water features and even dying water blue.

Why should I buy pond miscellaneous treatments?

Each miscellaneous treatment is designed to combat a particular pond problem, so you should only buy a treatment if it is something you're particularly struggling with in your pond.

What are the main types of miscellaneous treatments?

Miscellaneous treatments are diverse but the main thing that splits them is what they are trying to fix or get rid of, such as duckweed or foam, and their delivery method, including bombs, liquids and powders. Most of our miscellaneous treatments are solutions but we also sell some sprays and enzyme bombs.

What features should you look out for when buying miscellaneous treatments?

Be sure that the miscellaneous treatment contains enough to treat your entire pond as most are designed for an average pond size, meaning that many large pond owners may have to buy multiples of the same product to treat their entire pond.