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EcoPond Duckweed Control

Natural solution for controlling the growth of duckweed

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  • Eco-friendly pond treatment to control duckweed
  • Safe for fish, plants and wildlife
  • Available in two sizes
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Duckweed is an all too familiar problem for pond keepers. This thick green carpet of weed takes nutrients, light and oxygen from the water and as such affect the health of plants, fish and other pond life.

EcoPond, formally known as Aquahydrotech, Duckweed Control works suing a special bacterial culture that binds key nutrients and as such delays the growth of the most common varieties such as Lemna minor. Once the duckweed has been removed, the treatment ensures that it cannot return, however, the growth of other plants is unaffected.

Like most EcoPond products, this treatment is safe for use with other plant life, fish and wildlife. It can not be overdosed, making it one of the safest treatments around.

Key Feature:


  • A natural solution for controlling the growth of duckweed
  • Stops duckweed getting essential nutrients without affecting other plant growth
  • Use in conjunction with EcoPond Mud Muncher to enhance the effectiveness of Duckweed Control
  • Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.

Dosage: - 25ml per 450 litres (100 gallons) initial dose, then 10ml per 450 litres weekly until duckweed disappears.

Product Size Treats
Duckweed Control 500ml 500ml 4500litres(1000 Gallons)
Duckweed Control 1l 1litre 9000litres (2000 Gallons)
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