Swell Duckweed Control

Fast-acting duckweed control with natural additives

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  • Natural minerals and enzymes to treat duckweed
  • Fast-acting, see results after two weeks
  • 500 g treats 5,625 litres of pond water
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A natural mineral and enzyme treatment that is effective against duckweed and other pest pond growths.

What is Swell Duckweed Control?

Swell Duckweed Control provides a natural treatment that contains natural minerals, enzymes and additives to break down unsightly duckweed and leave your pond water crystal clear. Fast-acting, Duckweed Control is safe for pond fish, aquatic plants and biological filters. This duckweed treatment is a powder form and can be measured out using the enclosed spoon. It comes in a 500g tub and treats 5,625 litres of pond water.

You may find your pond water is cloudy initially, which will clear within a few days. The duckweed will start to clear within a few days but can take up to two weeks for effective results. Repeat as needed, whenever you notice your duckweed returning.

How effective is this duckweed treatment in warmer months?

On hot summer days, your pond oxygen can be lower, and the effect of this treatment on the duckweed will also cause this to be lower. We recommend ensuring you have an air pump working during this period, and adding fresh water to flush your pond if required.

Directions for use:

Simply measure out the required dose of the Duckweed Control powder and mix it in a bucket of pond water, then pour it into the pond once dissolved. For best results, distribute it evenly over the surface of your pond. Remove as much duckweed in advance as possible.

Size 500 g
Treats 5,625 litres
Dose rate One heaped spoon treats 300 litres (65 gallons)
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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