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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Plant Baskets

Add texture and interest to your pond

Pond baskets will contain your plants and keep them in the right position. We carry various shapes in stock; square, round and contoured types. These all allow you to create a varied and bountiful look that is both natural and healthy.

What are pond plant baskets?

Pond plants baskets are ideal for your pond plants. The holes in the baskets are specially designed to allow roots to come through so your plants will take nutrients from the water, not just the soil.

Why should I buy pond plant baskets?

Pond baskets are perfect for adding a great feature to look at as well as shade for fish and any other inhabitants underneath. They add plants that are oxygenators to the water as well as aesthetic pleasing plants like lilies.

What are the main types of pond plant baskets?

Pond baskets come in various shapes and sizes so it really comes down to how much space you have in your garden pond. Velda plant baskets have been constructed from a finely woven, and very durable, material. They can be placed on any stable surface, in the pond or on a ledge. The finely woven fabric allows water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the plant roots, but contains the pond soil and plants in one place. Other pond accessories such as Floating Plant Islands from Velda add extra interest to your pond. All you need to do is add plants for a luxurious look. Easy and convenient, the Velda Quick Start Plant Basket contains a fertiliser-rich substrate to give plants the best start possible.

What features should I look out for?

We carry a variety of plant baskets at Swell UK. From plant socks and baskets to floating islands to create a marsh or an impressive island. Our small baskets are ideal for smaller marginals, oxygenators and potting on. Whereas large baskets are suitable for larger marginals and lilies.

What accessories should I buy with pond plant baskets?

Hessian is an ideal product for lining pond plant baskets. The weave stops the pond soil from seeping into the water and still allows water and oxygen to get to the roots. We recommend using aquatic soil topped with gravel for planting.