Swell Square Plant Baskets - BOGOF

Plant baskets specially designed for pond plants

At a glance...
  • Square-shaped plant baskets for all pond plants
  • Holes in baskets are designed to allow roots to come through
  • Multiple sizes available
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Swell Square Plants Baskets are specially designed for pond plants. These plant baskets are ideal for all types of pond plants including marginals, oxygenators and deep water plants. Use with a hessian lining for optimum results.

The small pots are ideal for smaller marginals, oxygenators and potting on. The larger pots are suitable for larger marginals and lilies. The largest square basket is perfect for mature marginals or lilies.

Sizes available:

  • 11x11x11cm
  • 19x19x9.5cm
  • 23x23x13.5cm
  • 28x28x19.5cm
  • 35x35x26cm
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