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Quartz Sleeves

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Help and advice on shopping for: Quartz Sleeves

Keep your UV clarifier running properly

Our range of quartz sleeves are made from the best quality glass and designed for UV bulbs to work at their optimum level. Quartz sleeves need careful cleaning and maintenance to ensure that UV light can pass through them and kill algae. In hard water areas, you may need to clean or replace the sleeve every year or two for optimum performance.

What are quartz sleeves?

Quartz sleeves are special glass tubes that sit within your UV clarifier and house the UV bulb to protect it from water. Water is pumped through your UV and passes around the quartz sleeve, allowing the UV radiation from the bulb to pass through the sleeve and zap any algae cells in the water, helping to protect the bulb from water and keep the pond clearer.

Why should I buy a quartz sleeve?

All UV clarifiers are fitted with a quartz sleeve to help keep cool water away from the hot bulb and the internal electrics of your UV. Quartz sleeves are made from thin quartz glass that allows UV rays to pass through, which makes them fragile and they sometimes break when being cleaned or during icy weather. If you break your quartz sleeve, or if it becomes coated in limescale, you'll need to install a new one.

What are the main types of quartz sleeves?

Traditional style pond UV clarifiers and UV sterilisers use a regular cylindrical quartz sleeve, which is often interchangeable between brands, providing you select the right size. However, more modern pond UVs often use a test tube-shaped quartz sleeve which is specific to the model of UV you're using. Check out the product information to ensure you select the right replacement part for your UV, or drop us a line if you get stuck.

What accessories should I buy with a quartz sleeve?

A quartz sleeve works by protecting the ultraviolet bulb from the water. O-rings create a watertight seal to keep the water out of the light fittings. We recommend that when changing the sleeve, the o-rings are changed too, to ensure a secure connection.