TMC Quartz Sleeves

Top-quality spare quartz sleeves to protect your UV lamp

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  • A range of replacement quartz sleeves
  • To fit the TMC Pond Clear and TMC Pro Clear range of UV's
  • Multiple sizes available
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TMC Quartz Sleeves fit the TMC Pond Clear and TMC Pro Clear range of UV's. These top-quality spare sleeves will protect the UV lamp and prolong the life of the whole unit. Water is kept out of the delicate workings of the lamp, yet the light can still permeate the water, removing the risk of algae.

We would suggest replacing the o-rings at the same time as the quartz sleeve. The o-rings are sold as singles so you will need to purchase 2 per quartz sleeve.

Product Dimensions
6W Replacement Quartz Sleeve L:185mm x ø:20mm
8/16W Replacement Quartz Sleeve L:262mm x ø:20mm
15/25W Replacement Quartz Sleeve L:420mm x ø:30mm
30/55W Replacement Quartz Sleeve L:871mm x ø:30mm
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