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  • 25W T8 UVC bulb
  • Double-ended tube with two pins at either end
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control
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Swell 25 Watt T8 Double Ended UV replacement Bulbs/Tubes.

In the summer months, algae can become a real nuisance in a garden pond and quickly decimate your once beautiful pond. Ultra Violet lamps work by treating the algae cells and forcing them to mass together for easier removal.

Swell bulbs use only the highest materials in their replacement bulbs, and using high-quality UVC lamps guarantees long-lasting performance. For added value, if you buy one you get another free, so you can be confident that your pond or aquarium is covered!

Product Information

  • Swell T8 Double Ended UV Bulbs are double-ended tubes with two pins at either end.
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control.
  • Can be used on: Oase, Blagdon, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Aqua Medic UVs and any other UV device that requires T8 Double Ended UV Bulbs.
Wattage 25W
Bulb length (excluding metal pins) 436 mm
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