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Pond Dechlorinators

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Dechlorinators

Protect your fish from chlorine burns

A dechlorinator will neutralise pond water, making it safe for your pondlife. Use it when filling a pond for the first time and carrying out water changes to keep your fish in perfect health. At Swell UK we carry a range of dechlorinators from leading names such as Blagdon, Oase, Tetra and of course our own Swell range.

What are pond dechlorinators?

Chlorine and chloramine are present in tap water, to make the water safe for us to drink. However, to fish these chemicals are highly toxic and can burn their delicate skin leaving them stressed and more susceptible to disease and infections. Pond dechlorinators clear the tap water of these harmful toxins, protecting your fish and promoting their growth and health.

Why should I buy pond dechlorinators?

If you intend to have either fish or plants in your pond you should invest in a pond dechlorinator to ensure the best health of your pondlife. Some pond dechlorinators go a step further and remove even more toxins like hormones, bromine and ozone - creating the optimum conditions for healthy fish.

What are the main types of pond dechlorinators?

We sell two main types of pond dechlorinators at Swell UK, in-line dechlorinators and dechlorinator solutions. In-line dechlorinators, such as the Evolution Aqua De-Chlorinator, attach to the end of your tap or hose to dechlorinate the water as it runs through it. On the other hand, dechlorinator solutions, Swell's own Pond Dechlorinator, are added to the water in a controlled amount once the pond has been filled to dechlorinate it.

What features should you look out for when buying Pond Dechlorinators?

It's important to check that the dechlorinator you're buying comes with enough to dechlorinate your entire pond - owners of large ponds may find that they need to invest in multiple pond dechlorinators. It's also important to check what else the dechlorinator can remove, as you may be able to clear the water of multiple toxins at once instead of using multiple solutions.