Swell Dechlorinator 236ml

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Swell Water Dechlorinator is designed to condition tap water, making it safe for your pond by removing dangerous levels of chlorine and chloramines, suitable for humans but not organisms as delicate as the ones in your fish tank or pond.


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Product Information

Swell Water Dechlorinator works to remove chlorine, chloramine and other heavy metals to make tap water safe for pond fish.

If these elements are not removed, fish can suffer burns to their gills and the delicate mucus membrane that protects their skin. This leaves them susceptible to infections and diseases too. Using our own brand de-chlorinator efficiently and thoroughly removes these contaminants, just as well as the leading brands, but at an even better price!

This 236ml bottle treats up to 1320 gallons (6,000 litres).

Dosage Instructions: 10ml per 55 gallons (250 litres) of pond water

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