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Aquarium Fish Nets

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium Fish Nets

Fishkeeping essentials

Most fishkeepers end up with a small collection of fish nets and traps in their aquarium unit. From removing and depositing fish to handling pests, our range of fish nets and traps, from leading aquarium brands like Aqua Medic, JBL and Aqua One, has everything you need for any fish keeping task.

What are fish nets and traps?

Fish nets are delicate nets specifically designed to catch and release fish. They're the best way to move fish between bodies of water without causing them any stress or harm. Traps are used to catch aggressive fish or dangerous invertebrates present in your tank such as snails and crabs. Some nets are specially designed to move particular fish such as fry (young fish).

Why should I buy fish nets and traps?

As a fishkeeper, you'll need a fishnet to care for your fish and move them between different tanks for maintenance or healthcare. Traps might be slightly less commonly used but they are still important as they will prevent aggressive or invasive species from harming the other livestock in your tank.

What are the main types of fish nets and traps?

Beyond generic nets and traps, we also stock a few specialist nets and traps including jump guards and snail traps. Jump guards are large sections of netting that are fixed in place over the top of your tank to stop any fish from jumping out and possibly harming themselves. Snail traps are small lures designed to entice aquatic snails and trap them for easy removal.

What should I look for?

It's worth checking the size of your net against your smallest and largest fish to ensure that you can comfortably move all of the fish living in your tank. When it comes to traps you may want to consider buying multiple traps to speed up the capture, particularly if you have a large tank.