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Aquarium Gravel Cleaners

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium Gravel Cleaners

Avoid unsightly aquarium gravel grime

Sometimes, keeping your aquarium clean with a good quality fish tank filter, algae treatments, and a collection of cleaning equipment isn't enough to keep the gravel clean at the bottom of the tank. Your gravel can soon become filled with bits of dirt and waste can easily get buried underneath it. No matter how clean your water is, it's unlikely to clean the difficult to reach gaps in the gravel. Our range of gravel cleaners, featuring top brands like BiOrb, Fluval and Marina, can help you ensure your gravel or substrate remains fresh and clean.

What is an aquarium gravel cleaner?

Gravel cleaners are pumps that are designed to work in a similar way to most vacuum cleaners. The cleaner pumps up water and waste while it is unable to draw up the gravel as it is heavier. By doing this, the cleaner is able to pull all the waste out to a filter, where it can be collected and disposed of while the water is returned to the tank, free of any solids.

Why should I buy an aquarium gravel cleaner?

Apart from dirty gravel looking unappealing, it’s also bad for the tank. Waste from plants and fish can give off toxic chemicals, like ammonia, while other chemicals can encourage the growth of algae, leading to a murky tank. With an aquarium gravel cleaner, you can reduce the number of unwelcome chemicals in your water and protect your fish from toxins. Gravel cleaners vary in price but are generally cheaper and safer in the long run compared to other solutions, like chemical treatments.

What are the main types of aquarium gravel cleaner?

Most aquarium gravel cleaners work on the same principle but the biggest split in the range is between external cleaners and cleaning wands. An external cleaner is often powered by mains electricity and sits on the outside of the tank with a cleaning hose running into the tank. External cleaners pump water and waste up through the hose, filter it and deposit the water back into the tank via a separate hose or overflow. Cleaning wands are battery-powered and draw water into the shaft of the wand which has a built-in filter and outlet for clean water.

What should I look for?

Depending on the substrate in your tank, you will need to check that the cleaner won’t remove your substrate as well as waste solids. Check the specifications of the cleaner you’re looking at and ensure that it is suitable for your tank and substrate before making a purchase.