Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner

Keep your aquarium clean with aquarium gravel cleaners

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  • Aquarium gravel cleaner
  • Slim head for hard-to-reach areas in planted aquariums
  • Non-kink hose
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Easy to use website, they stock this gravel vac which is simply the best, and the delivery was very quick.

What is the Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner?

The Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner is the perfect tool to clean your aquarium thanks to its many convenient features such as the quick-start priming function, which creates a continuous water flow in seconds. The oval-shaped cleaning tube has an integrated gravel guard to stop the tube from clogging and temporarily pausing flow mid-clean. The durable non-kink hose means less chance of damage, resulting in fewer leaks and spillages.

While a continuous water flow is recommended for best results, the 2-in-1 bucket clip has a water flow adjustment valve, which allows you to reduce the flow from maximum water output if needed and even stop the flow completely if you need to leave your cleaning for a minute.

How do you use the Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner?

It's easy to start the siphoning action, as the cleaner has an easy-start valve that activates when you simply move the device up and down in the water in a simple shaking motion. Like most gravel cleaners, the EasyVac uses a continuous water flow to suck up dirt and waste while depositing clean gravel back into the tank. Simply move the cleaner around the base of your tank to effectively 'vacuum' away grime and ensure that your tank looks great.

What is included in the Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner kit?

The Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaner Kit includes:

  • An oval tube - This long tube is a practical tool that gets into hard-to-reach areas for detailed cleaning and boasts an anti-clogging oval tube design with the Fluval-exclusive gravel guard.
  • A 1.8m hose - This tough hose is runs from the vac to the bucket clip.
  • Non-kink hos attachment - This attachment prevents the hose from kinking during cleaning.
  • 2-in-1 bucket clip - A clip that secures your hose in a bucket and boasts a convenient water flow adjustment valve.

What are the differences between the Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaners?

We sell four different Fluval EasyVac Gravel Cleaners. All of the cleaners come with the same outstanding attachments and tools. The various cleaners only differ in length and diameter. Generally, the larger your tank, the larger the gravel cleaner you'll require.



Brand Fluval


Product SKU Dimensions
Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Mini 11060 Cleaning Tube 10", 1" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Small 11061 Cleaning Tube 10", 2" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Medium 11062 Cleaning Tube 15", 2.5" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Large 11063 Cleaning Tube 24", 2.5" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
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