Fluval GravelVAC

Keep your aquarium gravel neat with aquarium gravel cleaners

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  • Powerful aquarium gravel cleaner
  • Set includes intake tube, regulator and gravel guard
  • Small and medium options available
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What is a Fluval GravelVAC?

The Fluval GravelVAC multi-substrate cleaner range features a selection of leading aquarium gravel cleaners. These GravelVACs let you take control of the aquarium cleaning process as each effectively traps dirt and debris. These gravel cleaners come with an Easy Start function siphon for quick priming - it starts with just a couple of pumps.

Each of the cleaners in this range is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and boasts many top features including an extension tube, gravel protection from a built-in gravel guard and total control with the ability to adjust speed as you clean.

How do you use the Fluval GravelVAC?

Once you receive your GravelVAC you will need to assemble it and add the extension tube if necessary. To get started, simply prime gently with the siphon and a bucket then open the valve. This gravelVAC requires no electricity, meaning there are no usage costs. There is a thumb-operated flow regulator, which allows you to adjust the speed. The built-in gravel guard prevents clogging of the pipe, and there is a tube extension included, specifically for larger tanks or harder-to-reach areas.

What comes in the Fluval GravelVAC kit?

The Fluval GravelVAC kit includes:

  • Flow regulator - This is the valve within the VAC that lets you adjust speed on the fly.
  • Gravel guard - This prevents debris from clogging the tube extension, it is a fine mesh screen within the VAC.
  • Intake tube - This is a large and hardy tube extension included to pick up and clean the sand or gravel.
  • Extension tube (20cm/8in) - This tube increases the length of your intake tube and gives you plenty of length to move around your tank and reach tough corners.
  • PVC hoses - These hoses attach your intake tube to your siphon bulb and your siphon bulb to your bucket.
  • Easy start siphon bulb - The siphon powers the rest of the gravelVAC multi-substrate cleaner and is easily primed to create suction.
  • Bucket clip - This clip is designed to keep your PVC hose within your bucket while you move around your tank.

What is the difference between the models in this range?

Each of the Fluval GravelVAC multi-surface cleaner models in our range offers the same outstanding features. There are two models within the range, the S/M and the M/L. These are suitable for all substrates (sand, gravel, rock), and can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The Small/Medium model is for aquariums with a depth of up to 50.8 cm (20 in). The Medium/Large model is for aquariums with a depth of up to 60 cm (24 in).



Brand Fluval


Product SKU Max Depth Included In Kit
Gravel Vac Small/Medium 11080 50.8cm/20 inch Flow regulator, gravel guard, intake tube, extension tube 20 cm (8 inch), PVC hoses, easy start siphon bulb, bucket clip
Gravel Vac Medium/Large 11081 60cm/24 inch Flow regulator, gravel guard, intake tube, extension tube 20 cm (8 inch), PVC hoses, easy start siphon bulb, bucket clip
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