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Corner Fish Tanks

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Help and advice on shopping for: Corner Fish Tanks

Create the perfect corner habitat

A corner fish tank offers a practical solution for those that want to invest in a medium to large tank that serves as a focal point in a room. Corner tanks can be deceptively large and make great use of space. We have a wide range of corner tanks from top brands like Fluval and Juwel, all supplied with corner stands.

What is a corner fish tank?

A corner fish tank is a fish tank designed in a 'quarter-circle' shape to make use of a corner of a room. Corner fish tanks are suitable for any corner and can be outfitted for both cold water and tropical fish. They are ideal for medium to large fish as they are quite roomy.

Why should I buy a corner fish tank?

If you want to get several medium or large fish without giving over a lot of space in your home, a corner fish tank is a fantastic compromise. Corner fish tanks offer a surprisingly large space for most fish and can house some of the largest fresh water and tropical fish available to fishkeepers. The tanks are also remarkably beautiful and will easily form a focal point in your room.

What are the main types of corner fish tanks?

As most of the corner fish tanks come with heaters, almost the entire range can be used for either fresh water or tropical fish, however, the biggest difference in the range is the size of the corner tanks. Some corner tanks can number amongst the largest tanks we sell at Swell UK while others are more suitable for a couple of medium-sized fish. Ensure that the tank you buy is the right size for the space you wish to install it in and right for the number and species of fish you wish to home in it.

What should I look for?

Look at everything included in the corner fish tank kit, most of the kits in our range include the tank, stand, filter, LED light, programmable light timer and heater as standard but you will still need to aquascape your tank and may need to buywater treatments to create a suitable habitat for fish. Stock up on everything you'll need at Swell UK.