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Pond Filters

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Filters

A pondkeeping essential

Pond filters are a vital piece of pond hardware used to filter out waste material from your water. Our range of pond filters includes a wide range of filtration solutions and features products from Evolution Aqua, Hozelock and Oase as well as our own high-quality range.

What are pond filters?

A pond filter, just like pond pumps, is a critical part of any pond. It works to cleanse the water of debris and toxins, making it safer and cleaner for fish keeping your Koi carp and fish healthy. Depending upon the size of your pond, there are several types of filters available. Filters come in a wide variety of forms, some include a pump while others must be used in conjunction with a separate pump.

Why should I buy pond filters?

Pond filters ensure that your pond is protected from toxins, like ammonia, and free from waste. While each pond filter is different and has unique strengths, all will help to improve the clarity, keep your pond water healthy and generally create a more hospitable habitat for your pond life.

How big should my pond filter be?

Deciding between all of the pond filters on the market can be tough and it can feel like the easiest way to think about it is 'bigger is better' however this can lead to you overspending or picking the wrong filter for your pond. When choosing a pond filter, there are a lot of different factors to think about, including the flow rate, the location of your pond, the residents within your pond and the type of pond filtration.

Flow rate is a measure of the speed water can run through your filter, generally, we recommend looking for a flow rate slightly higher than you would normally need, to keep your pump and pond healthy. A slightly more powerful filter has many benefits and will ensure incredible water quality for years to come.

The location of your pond can be key, as a pond beneath a tree or near a lot of overhanging plants will be dealing with far more debris than a standard pond.

The residents of your pond will make a big difference when choosing a filter as wildlife ponds have a much lower demand for filtration than Goldfish ponds which, in turn, have a much lower demand than Koi ponds. Koi carp produce a particularly high volume of waste, which will require a powerful filter system to keep your pond clean and prevent green water.

Finally the type of filter is important as box filters and pressurised pond filters can handle completely different volumes of water and debris. It's important to understand exactly what your filter can handle, including flow rate and size of solids.

What are the main types of pond filters?

We stock a wide range of pond filter products including; Bio filters & UV combis, pressurised pond filters, pump and filter kits, in-pond filters, pond bio filters, pond UV clarifiers, multi-chamber filters, pond skimmers, bead filters and pond filter accessories. Bio filters & UV combis combine helpful bacterial colonies and UV clarifiers to produce super clear water. Pressurised pond filters use high water pressure for improved filtration. Pump and filter kits combine a filter and a pump so you have everything you need to set up a filtration watercourse. In-pond filters are designed to be submerged in garden ponds. Pond bio filters harbour bacterial colonies that perform pond filtration. Pond UV clarifiers use UV light to purify pond water. Multi-chamber filters use several layers of biological filtration and can hold a mixture of filter media. Pond skimmers float on the surface garden ponds and collect any waste or debris. Bead filters are huge pressured tanks with thousands of beads that are used to remove fine solids from your water. Finally, pond filter accessories contain all of the miscellaneous spare parts and accessories that are compatible with our pond filter range.

What should I look for?

The biggest thing to look at with pond filters is whether they are right for your pond, you need to know what needs to be filtered out of your pond and whether the filter can handle enough water to make a difference in your pond. To check the presence of different waste materials you'll need to pick up a pond test kit. On the other hand, to work out if a pond pump is right for the volume of your pond you can check the specifications and look at the maximum flow rate to see how much water the filter can handle.