Swell Pressure Pond Filter Premium

Powerful and versatile pressurised pond filters

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At a glance...
  • Range of pond filters with built-in UV lighting
  • Supplied with 5m cable and filter foams
  • Suitable for garden ponds up to 20,000L

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97 % of 100

What are these pressurised pond filters?

This Swell Pressure Filter Premium range of pond filters is made up of two high quality pressurised pond filters that, thanks to their built-in UV lighting and re-usable pond filter foams, can be used in almost any kind of garden pond, from small wildlife ponds to large Koi ponds.

These pond filters are available in two different models, the 15000 model that's suitable for garden ponds up to 15,000L (or 7,500L with fish), and the 20000 model that's suitable for large Koi ponds up to 20,000L (or 10,000L with fish).

To get the best results out of these pond filters, pair them with a powerful pond pump that's capable of turning over the entire volume of your pond in a single hour. Together, they'll form the beating heart of your pond filtration system and keep your fish healthy.

Key Features: 

  • Energy efficient and easy to maintain
  • Built-in UV lighting eliminates green water and keeps pond water clear
  • Comes with re-usable filter foams
  • Large mechanical and biological filtration capacity
  • Great for Koi ponds and ornamental ponds with pond fish
  • Pair with pump to create effective pond filtration system for pond life
  • Internal filter foam cleaning mechanism
  • Can be buried out of sight
  • Supplied with 5m cable
  • Comes with 1-year guarantee

What are the benefits of pressurised pond filters?

There are many reasons why pond keepers choose pressure filters like these pond filters over other alternatives, like box filters and all-in-one pond filters.

Their biggest benefit over box filters and all-in-one pond filters is the fact that they're pressurised. This means that water leaving the pond filter is still under pressure, allowing you to place the pond filter below the water level of your pond while still pumping pond water to water features like waterfalls, streams, and fountains.

Unlike pressure filters, box filters need to be placed above your pond's water level to operate properly. This gives you much greater flexibility when it comes to placing pressure filters than box filters - you can even partially bury them!

These pressure filters, like others in their category, come with built-in UV lighting too. This UV lighting stops green water in its tracks, keeping your pond water clear. It also helps keep your pond clean and your fish healthy by eliminating dangerous pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, and protozoans from pond water.

Like other pond filters, these pressure filters have a large pond filtration capacity and come with filter foams that provide both mechanical and biological filtration. These filter foams have huge surface areas and can host vast colonies of beneficial bacteria that work tirelessly to keep your pond clean and pond water healthy.

How do you clean these pond filters?

There are few more daunting pond keeping tasks than mucking out your pond filter. This pressure filter, however, makes that painful process quick and easy with its internal filter foam cleaning mechanism. 

A red float in the pressure filter's lid will let you know exactly when it needs cleaning. This is great as it means you'll no longer have to guess whether your pond filter is blocked up by its declining flow rate - instead, this pond filter does all the work for you!

To clean these pond filters, follow this step-by-step method:

  • Turn off your pond pump, remove the blanking cap from the sludge outlet and place this over the clean outlet pipe.
  • Turn the blue dial on the pond filter's lid to 'clean mode' and turn the handle clockwise until your hear clicking, then turn back anti-clockwise and repeat at least three times. This will compress the internal filter foams and squeeze out any built-up waste solids.
  • Turn the pond pump back on. This will backflush the dirty water. Once the water flowing out of your sludge outlet runs clean, turn your pond pump off.
  • Remove the blanking cap from the clean outlet pipe and place it back over the sludge out, turn your blue dial back and switch your pond pump back on.
  • This is a relatively quick processes, taking up to five minutes, and should be done semi-regularly to ensure your pressure filter continues running as efficiently as possible.

What else should I buy with these pond filters?

These pond filters need to be paired with pond pumps (sold separately) to operate properly. For the Pressure Filter Premium 15000, a pond pump with a max flow rate of 7,500 lph is recommended. For the Pressure Filter Premium 20000, you'll need a more powerful pond pump with a max flow rate of 10,500 lph or more.

To build a proper pond filtration system that'll keep your pond water healthy and sustain a thriving community of pond life, you'll also need to pick up some anti-kink pond hose and stainless steel hose clips. The hose will link your pressure filter to your pond pump, while the clips will keep everything secure and watertight.

These pond filters come with an 18W or 24W UV bulb and quartz sleeve, mechanical and biological media, and a fitted O ring. It's worth noting that these are consumable parts that, after heavy use, will need to be replaced.  Don't worry though, we stock all of these replacement parts for these pond filters.

Product Pressure Filter Premium 15000 Pressure Filter Premium 20000
Pond size

15,000 l no fish

7,500 l with fish

3,750 l with Koi

20,000 l no fish

10,000 l with fish

5,000 l with Koi

Recommended pump Swell Filter Pump 7500 lph Swell Filter Pump 10500 lph
UV bulb Swell 18 Watt PLL UV Bulb Swell 24 Watt PLL UV Bulb
Inlet and outlet 25mm, 32mm, 40mm 25mm, 32mm, 40mm
Dimensions 49 x 41 x 53 cm 55 x 41 x 64 cm
Cable 5 m 5 m
Wattage 18W 24W
Guarantee 1 year 1 year


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