Swell Filter Pumps

Our best-selling solids-handling pond pumps

At a glance...
  • Efficient pond pumps with flow rates from 1,500-17,000 lph
  • Can pass particles up to 8mm
  • Suitable for small to large garden ponds
Items arrived in good time well packed and good value.

What are these pond pumps?

Swell Filter Pumps are our best-selling solids-handling pond pumps. They're low maintenance, energy efficient, and suitable for all kinds of ponds, from small wildlife ponds to large garden ponds full of pond fish.

These pond pumps are available in several different models, with flow rates ranging from 1,500-17,000 lph. They can pass particles up to 8mm in size, effectively dealing with built-up muck in your pond. They come with a 10m-long cable too, and have 25-40mm-wide hose fittings.

Whether you're planning to pump pond water to a pond filter, a water feature, or just improve circulation in your pond, these pond pumps are the perfect choice. They're designed to be versatile and, when paired with filters like our pressurised pond filters and pond box filters, are more than powerful enough to maintain a healthy pond.

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance and energy efficient
  • Flow rate = 1,500-17,000lph
  • Solids-handling capacity = 4-8mm
  • Thermal cut-off to prevent damage from blockages
  • Suitable for use with pond filters and water features
  • Can be used to create water features like waterfalls
  • Partner with a filter for a thriving, healthy pond

What are solids-handling pond pumps?

A solids-handling pond pump is a pond pump that has been designed to handle abrasive waste solids, like sludge, grit, and debris.

These particular fish pond pumps also come with strainer cages that prevent large solids (or fish) from being sucked into the pond pump, ensuring that only particles up to 8mm in size pass through the pond pump. This increases the longevity of the pond pump and decreases the risk of abrasive waste solids wearing down the pond pump's delicate internal components.

Solids-handling pond pumps also ensure efficient flow rates, even during those months of the year when your pond is typically choked with muck. This is great as it keeps your pond water moving and your fish happy - two hallmarks of a healthy pond.

On top of that, solids-handling pond pumps like these Swell Filter Pumps are incredibly easy to clean. Just unclip the strainer cage, give it a scrub in a bucket of pond water, and remove any built-up waste solids. This will also give you easy access to the pond pump's impeller, should it need servicing. 

Can these pond pumps block?

If enough particles larger than 4 mm pass through the strainer cage of the pond pump, then there's a chance that the pond pump could become blocked. While a blockage can break some fish pond pumps, these particular pond pumps are equipped with a handy thermal cut-off switch that temporarily disables the pond pump to prevent lasting damage.

What size pond pump do I need?

Choosing the right size pond pump for your pond filter is one of the most important things to consider when setting up your garden pond. As a rule, pond pump flow rates drop the higher and further you attempt to pump pond water away from your pond. This needs to be taken into account when selecting pond pumps.

You should purchase a pond pump that meets the maximum flow rate of your filter at its height above pond level. The same applies for water features too, like waterfalls, streams, and fountains. As long as you select the right size pond pump, maintaining a healthy pond with one of these pond pumps will be a breeze.

For more information about how to choose the right size pond pump for your garden pond, check out our help guide here. And for more information about the different varieties of fishpond pumps available, check out our other help guide here.

What comes with these pond pumps?

These pond pumps can be purchased on their own, in which case they come with just a pond pump, a 10m power cable, and a hosetail adapter, or with a pipe installation kit.

You can choose from two types of pipe installation kit, a 5m pipe installation kit or a 10m pipe installation. Each kit comes with a length of pond hose pipe, two hose clips to ensure a strong connection, and some anti-leak PTFE pipe fitting tape.

The hosetail adapter that comes included is suitable for multiple different hose sizes, though it's worth double checking the specifications below to make sure it's compatible with your pond filter.

Also, please note the following:

  • To comply with UK electrical legislation, these pond pumps are NOT supplied with a fitted plug. You'll have to purchase a fitted plug separately.
  • The pond pump's impeller is a consumable part that, over time, can wear down. This component is not covered by the guarantee on the pond pump. A spare can be purchased as and when required, though.


Energy efficiency A
Cable length 10m
Thermal cut-off Yes
Solids-handling capacity Up to 4-8mm
Pond hose size 25-40mm
Fitted plug To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond pumps can't be supplied with a fitted plug; you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.
Guarantee 3 years



Pump model 1400 2300 3300 4500 7500 10500 13000 16000
Power 25W 40W 40W 60W 70W 95W 140W 180W
Solids-handling capacity Up to 4mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm Up to 8mm
Maximum head height 1.9m 2.2m 2.4m 2.6m 2.8m 3.0m 3.2m 3.5m
Max flow rate 1500lph 2500lph 3500lph 5000lph 8000lph 10000lph 13400lph 17000lph
Flow rate 0.5m 900lph 1900lph 2900lph 4500lph 7000lph 9000lph 12000lph 15000lph
Flow rate 1m 600lph 1350lph 2400lph 3700lph 5700lph 7750lph 10300lph 12300lph
Flow rate 1.5m 300lph 800lph 2000lph 2800lph 4100lph 6230lph 8100lph 9900lph
Flow rate 2m 0lph 220lph 1200lph 1800lph 2650lph 4500lph 5880lph 7200lph
Flow rate 2.5m 0lph 0lph 400lph 800lph 1020lph 3000lph 3510lph 4800lph
Flow rate 3m 0lph 0lph 0lph 0lph 0lph 0lph 1470lph 2400lph
Dimensions L:16cm x W:18cm x H:10cm L:16cm x W:18cm x H:11cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:14cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:14cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:15cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:16cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:15cm L:22cm x W:28cm x H15cm
Hose compatibility 20-25mm 20-25mm 25-40mm 25-38mm 25-40mm 25-40mm 25-40mm 25-40mm
Hose size included in installation kit 20mm 25mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm

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