Swell Anti Kink Pond Hose 5m with hose clips

Everything you need to hook up your pond equipment

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  • Pre-made hose and clips kits for pond filters and pumps
  • Each set includes 5 metres of hose and 3 clips
  • A wide range of hose sizes to suit all water courses
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What are the features of the Anti Kink Pond Hose 5m with hose clips?

The Swell Anti-Kink pond hose is a favourite of UK pond builders, known for its reliability and durability. You won't find a better thick and durable hosing for the same price. This tough black spiral ribbed hose is made from a really strong plastic tubing material and features anti-kink technology, so you can enjoy maximum water flow and avoid it being restricted. The dimensions for this pipe are the internal size. This set also features three hose clips, which are designed to create tight fittings around pond pumps, filters and other pond hardware.

What's the difference between the sets in this range?

Out Anti kink pond hoses come in a wide range of sizes. Each piece of anti-kink tubing has a different diameter, this measure how big it is and how much water can flow through it with minimum water resistance. The smallest solid concentric ribbing hoses in this range are a similar size to an average garden hose, while the largest black-ribbed tube is around the size of a drain pipe. No matter which coiled roll and clips you buy, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a durable, long-lasting product. If you have a particularly high-pressure setup, we also sell premium 50mm hoses made from extra thick covering materials that can handle high-pressure flows.

Why does this set come with 3 hose clips?

This set comes with three hose clips as most people will connect their pump's outlet to their pond filter, which requires two clips, and then their filter back into the pond, which requires a single clip. In some unique cases, like with a pressure filter for a Koi fish pond that may need a sludge outlet, you may want to purchase additional pipes and clips.

Do I need to buy anything else with my hose?

We recommend using Swell PTFE Tape to get the best fit and prevent leaks. You must also attach the hose securely using the Swell Wire Hose Clips included in the set, to prevent leakage.

If you are looking for aquarium tubing, our Swell Silicone Tubing is a much better fit than this hose piping.

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