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This calculator works out how much Bondaglass G4 Pond Sealer paint you'll need to coat the surface of your pond based on its area in square metres. Simply enter the dimensions of your pond and we'll estimate how much G4 you'll need to paint your pond. If you want a coloured finish, apply two clear coats followed by two coats of either green G4 or black G4.
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Pond paint and pond sealant can be used either at the pond build stage or to repair existing leaky concrete ponds. Pond paint and pond sealant can be painted onto rock, concrete, or render to seal them and make their surfaces waterproof. They are available as a clear coating or in a range of colours.

Does pond paint and pond sealant fill cracks?

No, any cracks in concrete should be filled and repaired first, then dried before painting over. Pond sealer will only seal flat, unbroken surfaces.

Can pond sealer be used underwater?

Gold Label Pond Sealer can be used underwater to fix leaks. Gold Label works like aquarium silicone and can be applied and squirted directly into small holes and cracks to fill them. Pond paint and pond sealant cannot be used underwater and most must only be applied to dry, clean surfaces and then allowed to fully cure before refilling the pond.

How to find a leak in a pond

If a leak develops the pond will empty to the place where the leak is. If the pond empties totally the leak must be at the bottom. Leaks may release bubbles into the water as air seeps in and water seeps out. Ensure the leak is not from an external filter box, hose fitting or escaping via a waterfall or fountain.

How to repair pond liner

If the pond is lined, if it's PVC, butyl, or rubber pond liner it can be repaired with a pond liner patch or pond liner repair tape. If the liner is made from HDPE, unfortunately, a cut or hole cannot be repaired because nothing sticks to the material. Pond paint and pond sealant should not be used to seal pond liner.