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Working out just how much pond liner you'll need to cover your garden pond is a daunting task, but thanks to our handy pond liner calculator you can easily find the right size pond liner for your needs. This pond liner calculator will tell you what size pond liner and pond liner underlay you'll need for your garden pond. Simply enter your pond length, pond depth, and pond width into the pond liner calculator and it'll do the rest of the hard work for you. Don't worry too much about taking exact length, depth, and width measurements, approximate measurements are fine. It's always a good idea to buy slightly more pond liner than you need, rather than an exact size, to make sure you have enough pond liner to cover any hard-to-reach areas of your pond that you may have measured incorrectly.

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Liner Repair

Maintain and repair your pond liner

Even with a strong pond liner and the right underlay, it's still possible to get a puncture due to extreme weather conditions, wildlife or just regular wear and tear. In these situations, it's easy to fix your pond liner using a pond liner repair kit. At Swell UK we sell a range of pond liner repair kits from top manufacturers.

What is Pond Liner Repair?

There are various pond liner repair kits that seal punctures and tears in different ways. Some use adhesive while others rely on a patch of some sort. Either way, pond liner repair kits are each only suitable for use on a certain type of pond liner material so be certain to check that the material your pond liner is made up of is compatible with the repair kit before making a purchase.

Why should I buy Pond Liner Repair?

Even if you have a guarantee on your pond liner, it likely only covers degradation due to UV damage. This means that if you get a puncture or tear in your liner you will either need to get a new one or repair it. By using a pond liner repair kit you can avoid the cost of buying a new pond liner.

What are the main types of Pond Liner Repair?

At Swell UK we sell a few different types of pond liner repair kits including liner patches, pond sealer and repair tape. Each type of pond liner repair kit is designed for a certain type of job and a certain type of material so be sure that the product you're buying is suitable for the job you need it for.

What features should you look out for when buying Pond Liner Repair?

The other important thing to consider when buying a pond liner repair kit is whether you will have enough to maintain your pond. Depending on the size of your pond, or the damage it has sustained, you may need to buy multiple kits or invest in a larger product.