Swell Inline Cable Connector

A cable connecter that will extend your cables safely

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  • Has a waterproof rating of IP67
  • For use with cables that have a 0.75mm thickness
  • If in doubt when using this then consult a qualified electrician
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    What is the Swell Inline Cable Connector?

    The Swell Inline Cable Connector is used to extend your power cables and protect them. It is used to connect two cables or can be used to split an already existing cable into two separate entities while also maintaining the signal between them both. The Inline Cable Connector is designed to be a safe and effective way to solve your wiring problems

    It has a rating of IP67 which means that it has complete protection against solid objects such as dust and sand and will work underwater for at least 30 mins but should not be left for extended periods of time

    How do I use this product?

    This product can only be used with cables that are 0.75mm standard power cable thickness (3 core power cables) and after installation an amp meter should be used to ensure that it has been successfully completed and we recommend that you complete regular check of all of the included O-Rings

    The Swell Inline Cable Connector come with a set of easy to read step by step instructions however, as with any electrical modification we recommend that a certified electrician is used to install this product

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