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Oase Aquamax Eco Premium

Premium pond filter pump with a high flow rate

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  • Filter and watercourse pumps
  • 11 mm solids handling capacity, 50 mm hose size
  • 5-year guarantee
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What are Oase Aquamax Eco Premium pumps?

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium pumps can be used for filters, water features and waterfalls. These premium pond pumps have a market-leading 11 mm solids handling capacity, 50 mm hose size and up to 19500lph flow rate. One of the most popular features of the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium is the optional seasonal flow control, which uses environmental function control to optimise the water flow and delivery head, reducing them by up to 50% to reduce running costs in the winter months. The seasonal flow control separates the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium from the huge range of filter systems on the market, making it a natural choice for many.

Key Features:

  • Can be used for filtersm water features and waterfalls
  • Range of 7 models
  • 11mm solids handling capacity
  • 50mm hose size
  • 4000-19500lph flow rate
  • Lower running costs than previous models

What are the features of the Aquamax Eco Premium?

The key feature in the Oase Aquamax Eco range is the variable seasonal flow control system. This system can be further enhanced by optional filter accessories like the remote control, which lets you activate the seasonal flow control without taking the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium out of your pond.

However, the features don't stop with the seasonal flow control, a second inlet allows the connection of satellite strainers, a satellite filter or the Oase AquaSkim surface skimmer. These suck in surface debris and move it to the Aquamax Eco Premium. The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium includes a thermal cut off switch to prevent permanent damage in the event of dry running or it getting blocked. Energy-efficient, these pumps come with a 5-year guarantee for total peace of mind and include a 10m cable that can be secured with hose clips.

The Oase AquaMax Premium has up to 25% lower running costs than the previous models in the AquaMax range, due to a new more energy efficient motor.

What are the benefits of solids handling pumps?

The benefit of solids-handling pumps is that they are lower maintenance than other pond pumps. Other pumps can quickly clog, but solids handling pumps can pass small debris through the pump and remove it to the filter, which keeps the pond cleaner and reduces the need for cleaning of the pump.

What size pump do I need for my pond?

Selecting the size of the pond pump to run your filtration system is one of the most important things to consider when setting up your pond. Pump flow rates drop when you pump higher and further than the pond, so you need to consider these effects. You should aim to purchase a pump that meets the maximum flow rate of your filter at its height above pond level.



Energy efficiency A*
Cable length 10m
Thermal cut off Yes
Solids handling capacity Up to 11mm
Dimensions All pumps: L 34cm x W 28cm x H 16.5cm
Variable flow control Yes
Second inlet Yes, for use with satellite strainers and surface skimmers
Hose size 25-50mm
Fitted plug

To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.

Guarantee 3 + 2 years



Pump model Power Hose size Solids handling capacity Max head height Max flow rate
4000 10-35W 25,32,38mm Up to 10mm 3.3m 4000lph
6000 12-45W 25,32,38mm Up to 10mm 3.7m 6000lph
8000 15-60W 25,32,38,50mm Up to 10mm 4.1m 8000lph
10000 19-88W 25,32,38,50mm Up to 10mm 4.7m 10000lph
12000 10-110W 25,32,38,50mm Up to 11mm 5m 12000lph
16000 11-145W 25,32,38,50mm Up to 11mm 5.2m 15600lph
20000 15-180W 25,32,38,50mm Up to 11mm 5.4m 19500lph
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