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  • Garden pond UV clarifiers
  • UVC power up to 240 W
  • 3-year guarantee

For those looking for an energy efficient algae-killer for their pond, the new range of Oase Bitron Eco UVCs promises all the power of a top-end clarifier, but with lower energy costs - perfect.

The design of the Oase Bitron Eco is the next rung of the evolutionary ladder from their highly successful Bitron C range of UVCs which have served as part of Oase's Clear Water Systems for years, but now with the added benefit of new technologies that extend lamp life to 12,000 hrs and make less of an impression on your monthly electricity bill.

Garden Pond UVC

UVC's are a great addition to your pond filtercourse, and Oase have really thought of everything this time. Just like all UVC's, this Bitron Eco works by shining a powerful UVC light through the water as it enters the unit, forcing the free-floating algae particles in your pond water to fuse together into large enough chunks that they can be extracted and broken down by your filter media. This means that your filter removes far more algae particles, removing that green tinge to your water and getting you crystal clear results when applied to a pond of the right size.

This time, Oase have opted for 3 models: 120w, 180w and 240w variants to tackle a wider range of pond sizes too. 

Product Bitron Eco 120W Bitron Eco 180W Bitron Eco 240W
Dimensions L:725 x W:227 x D:248mm L:725 x W:227 x D:248mm L:725 x W:227 x D:248mm
Max pond size 120,000 180,000 240,000
Inlet pipe size 1.5"-2" 1.5"-2" 1.5"-2"
Outlet pipe size 1.5"-2" 1.5"-2" 1.5"-2"
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
Power cable 5m 5m 5m
Power consumption UVC 120W 180W 240W
UVC Power 120W 180W 240W
Net weight 7.75kg 8.25kg 8.45kg
Suitable for ponds up to max. 120,000l 180,000l 240,000l
Suitable for Ponds with fish 60,000l 90,000l 120,000l
Suitable for Ponds with Koi 30,000l 45,000l 60,000l
Max. flow rate 50,000lph 50,000lph 50,000lph
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