Swell UV Clarifier Deluxe

Get incredible, crystal-clear pond water

At a glance...
  • Compact UV Clarifier for clearing pond water
  • Wall mountable with a stepped hose and safety features
  • A variety of models to suit most ponds

If you are using a good filter, but are still suffering from green water, then the Swell UV Clarifier Deluxe could be ideal for keeping the water in your pond clear and clean of algae - the main cause of "green water".

Green water is caused by free-floating algae particles in your pond that are too small to be picked up by your filter media. The UV Clarifier Deluxe uses intense UV light to cause these algae particles to clump together as it passes through the unit on the way to the filter, meaning that the algae is destroyed and picked up by your filter and broken down into harmless waste.

Highly efficient, energy-saving and reliable, the Swell UV Clarifier Deluxe can solve one of the biggest problems that pond keepers will encounter.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality, durable, easy-clean plastic.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Stepped hose connectors are suitable for different hose sizes (20-40mm).
  • Produces strong ultraviolet rays, which can effectively kill algae in the water.
  • Features a safe transparent hole, through which you can view the working condition of the light tube.
  • Comes complete with a relevant high-quality PLL UV bulb.
Product Wattage Voltage Dimensions Guarantee Max pond size
UV Clarifier Deluxe 24w 24W 240V 420 x 159 x 164mm 2 year 12000l
UV Clarifier Deluxe 36w 36W 240V 515 x 159 x 164mm 2 year 17000l
UV Clarifier Deluxe 55w 55W 240V 640 x 159 x 164mm 2 year 25000l
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