Yamitsu Weatherproof Switch Box

Run all your outdoor appliances at once

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  • Weatherproof switch box for outdoor electricals
  • Each switch is individually fused for complete safety
  • 3 and 4 way switch boxes are available
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What is a Yamitsu Weatherproof Switch Box?

The Weatherproof Switch Box from Yamitsu is a multi-socket switch box that lets you quickly turn your electrical appliances on and off while connecting them to a single power source. Each switch and outlet is individually fused, for safety and ease of maintenance. When it comes to installation, the box comes with a self-locking wall mounting bracket, wall plugs and screws, so no holes have to be made in the main, water-tight, unit. This Switch Box also comes with colour-coded cable gland blanking plugs, which are designed to create a watertight, weatherproof seal around any electrical wires. Each switch has its own illuminated indicator to let you know which appliances are on and the unit readily accepts cable sizes from 7mm to 12mm.

Why should I buy a Weatherproof Switch Box?

Whether you're running a pond, water features, lighting or any other outdoor electrical devices, the Yamitsu range is a great way to power everything safely. Electric appliances can help bring a garden to life, but they must be safe to use and regularly maintained. A Yamitsu Switch Box offers you an easy way to keep your garden safe without too much fiddly wiring.

Why don't my pond electricals come with plugs?

To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances and lots of other types of outdoor electricals can't be sold with a plug as they must be carefully connected to a household by a professional electrician. This means that you must either wire your electric devices to a plug that can be used on a pre-installed outlet or you need an electrician to create a new outlet for you. The Yamitsu Weatherproof Switch Box allows you to run all of your electricals from a single power supply and control them, as many outdoor outlets don't have switches.

Product Max Wattage First switch Remaining switches Dimensions Switch life Guarantee
Three Way 3,300W 1,800W 500W 17 x 15 x 6cm 50,000 cycles 1 year
Four Way 2,800W 1,800W 500W 20 x 15 x 6cm 50,000 cycles 1 year


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