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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Pontec PondoAir Sets

Ensure there's plenty of oxygen for all of your pond fish

At a glance...
  • A wide selection of oxygenating air pumps for ponds
  • Each set includes everything you need like air stones and hosing
  • A choice of small domestic pumps and large commercial pumps
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What is the Oase Pontec Pondoair range?

The Oase Pontec Pondoair range is a complete set that comes with everything you need and is easy to install. This range also comes complete with a 2 year guarantee. The pump enriches your pond with a reliable supply of oxygen, which is vital to fish and plants. An air pump is an necessity, especially during the summer, when oxygen levels are lower, and during the winter the movement of the water from the pump will aid in the prevention of the pond freezing which can be harmful to fish.

Key Features:

  • A range of models to choose from
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Oxygenates your pond
  • Helps maintain the health of pondlife
  • Increases oxygen levels during summer when they're lower
  • Helps prevent your pond freezing in winter
  • Comes as a set with airstones, replacement diaphragms and airline


What is included with this set?

Included with all models of the Oase Pontec Pondoair range is accessories such as air stones, replacement diaphragms and air line. Each model provides oxygen enrichment to your pond, is weather protected certified to IP44 and comes with a 2 years guarantee.

Model Flow Rate Air Stones Included Replacement Diaphragms Included Hosing Included
200 200 lph 2 2 2 x 5m
450 450 lph 2 2 2 x 5m
900 900 lph 2 2 2 x 5m
1800 1800 lph 4 4 4 x 5m
3600 3600 lph 4 4 4 x 5m


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