Mains-Powered Pond Air Pumps

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Help and advice on shopping for: Mains-Powered Pond Air Pumps

Keep your fish and pondlife healthy through the summer months

In spring and summer, when fish are fully active and plants are in their prime, an air pump is vital to pump air into the pond. We stock a wide range of air pond pumps at Swell UK including models from top brands like Bermuda, Pontec, Hozelock, Evolution Aqua, Oase and Velda.

What is a pond air pump?

Pond air pumps enrich your pond water with oxygen. Most pond air pumps use an airstone and airline to create a stream of bubbles that agitates the surface of the water, which lets in vital oxygen.

Why should I buy a pond air pump?

If you have any fish or pondlife, an air pump is vital to ensure their health as it ensures they are consistently getting enough oxygen. It's common to see fish close to the top of a pond without an air pump gasping for air. If you already have a fountain or water feature you may not need an air pump as these can provide sufficient aeration.

What are the main types of air pumps?

There are a lot of different types of air pumps, some are self-contained while others are solar-powered and yet more are designed to blend in with the vegetation on the bed of your pond. All air pumps serve the same purpose but some are designed for larger bodies of water or specific types of watercourses, be sure to pick the air pump that is right for you and your pond.

What features should you look out for when buying a pond air pump?

Whatever size pond you have, we're sure to have an air pump to suit. The important thing to look at is the flow rate offered by the aerator, which determines the size of pond it's suitable for, and its power consumption, as you will need to run it regularly. Past these key areas, it's important to look at the unique features of each model, as these will often make one air pump stand out from the range for your project.

What accessories should I buy with a pond air pump?

Most air pumps come complete with airline and accessories, but if not we have a well-stocked range here at Swell UK, to help you complete your kit. Different airlines and airstones can increase or concentrate the diffusion of air through your pond to help remove stagnant areas of water. Some aerators also have replacement parts available for when you're performing maintenance on your pump.