Swell Pond Air Pump

Increase essential levels of oxygen in your pond with this air pump range

At a glance...
  • Compact, robust and weatherproof pond air pump
  • Can pump 4.5-15l of air per minute
  • Suitable for small to medium ponds
Much more powerful than the unit it replaced.

What are Swell Pond Air Pumps?

Swell Pond Air Pumps are powerful air pumps designed to power air stones and create a healthy environment for your pond life. The air pumps in this range boast an incredible flow rate and energy efficiency that has made them a favourite for many pondkeepers. Air pumps are essential as they inject oxygen into your pond that your fish need to survive, without an air pump fish will often be found gasping at the water's surface.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof and robust
  • 3 models to choose from
  • Great way to oxygenate your pond
  • Silent when used
  • Energy-efficient

What are the benefits of these pond air pumps?

Our pond air pumps feature a range of benefits that help them to stand out from the competition. They are designed for steady and silent performance, producing minimal bubbles and using much less energy. The range also features rubber feet for quiet operation and a compact design for easy hiding. As the air pumps rarely require maintenance, you can simply hide them away and forget about them, except for the occasional check.

What's the difference between these Pond Air Pumps?

Every pump within this range has the same fantastic benefits, however, as you go up the range the pumps are suited to larger ponds. The smallest model, the 270, is designed for small ponds with two air outlets supplied for airstones and airlines (sold separately) and a 4.5l/min output. The next model up, the 450, is suitable for small to medium ponds and keeps the two air outlets with a 7.5l/min output. Finally, the largest model, the 900, has four outlets and a 15l/min output, making it ideal for all medium ponds.



Guarantee 3 years


Product Dimensions Output Cable Wattage Air outlets
270 17cm x 11cm x 10cm 4.5l min 1.5m 4.8W 2
450 21cm x 12cm x 11cm 7.5l min 1.5m 6W 2
900 26cm x 18cm x 14cm 15.0l min 1.5m 12W 4
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