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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Air Stones

Aerate your pond and keep your fish healthy

Whether you need a small stone for an aquarium or a larger one for your pond, we're sure to have everything you need.

What are pond airstones?

An air stone is used with an air pump and airline to create a flow of bubbles in your pond. This allows oxygen into the water which is vital for healthy water, plants and fish. The main benefit of airstones is that they add weight to the end of an airline, ensuring that it sinks to the bottom of your pond or aquarium and remains there, where it can be the most effective.

Why should I buy pond airstones?

If you already own an oxygenator or air pump you may have struggled to get the airlines exactly where you wanted them and keep them there, air stones make this simple. Furthermore, different airstones can create different oxygenation patterns, better aerating the areas of your pond or aquarium that are normally hard to reach.

What are the main types of pond airstones?

Generally, the big split in airstones is between the different shapes of airstones you can buy. At Swell UK we stock the typical stone shape, can shape, dome shape and disc. Each of these creates a different aeration effect, so it's important to choose the right one to fit into your pond or aquarium.

What features should you look out for when buying pond airstones?

The important things to consider when buying an airstone is the surface area of the stone, the material it's made from and the shape as these should give you an idea of the aeration pattern the stone will create. It's also important to know how the airstone will connect to your air pump to ensure compatibility.

What accessories should I buy with pond airstones?

There's no need to buy any accessories with your airstone. Airstones themselves are normally purchased as an add-on to an aerator or air pump.