Swell Ceramic Air Diffuser

Oxygenate your water for the benefit of your fish

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  • Large, flat ceramic air stone, suitable for garden ponds
  • Oxygenates pond water for the benefit of your fish
  • A range of sizes to choose from
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The Swell Flat Ceramic Air Discs are large round, flat ceramic air stones, suitable for garden ponds.

Used in conjunction with an pond air pump and 8mm airline, these compact air stones will aid the distribution of oxygen around your garden pond. This is vital in the warmer months when a rise in temperature can affect the oxygen levels in the water.

Oxygen is of course a vital element for living things including your pond fish and plants. It is also essential to boost the general health and clarity of your pond. The stream of fine bubbles from this flat air stone will carry the oxygen up and around the pond, boosting natural processes and improving the condition of your pond.

One supplied.



Model Swell Ceramic Air Diffuser 200mm Swell Ceramic Air Disc 132mm
Diameter 200mm 132mm
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