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SPRING SALE + SAVE up to £15 extra - SEE CODE >

Swell Air Pump Accessory Kit

Get the most from your pond air pump

At a glance...
  • Air pump accessory kit for most standard air pumps
  • Everything you need to make an advance oxygenation system
  • Kit includes airline, manifold and 6 airstones
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The Swell Air Pump Accessory kit comes complete with:

  • 25m Pond Silicone Clear Airline.
  • 6 Way Chrome Air Manifold.
  • 50mm Airstone x 6.

The Air Pump Kit can also be used with the following: Evolution Aqua Airtech and Swell Air Pump Maxi.

Please Note: A small piece of 20mm pipe will be needed to connect to the above airpumps.

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