Swell Air Pump Non Return Valve

Aquarium valve that protects pumps from the aquatic environment

At a glance...
  • Non return valve allows air to pass through your hardware
  • Prevents water flowing back and damaging your system
  • Easily fitted onto the airline
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What is a Swell Air Pump Non-Return Valve?

Swell Air Pump Non-Return Valves are smart valves that let air pass through but prevent water returning through them. This protects the electrics in your aquarium system from being flooded through the airline or air hose. This is essential to maintain the safety and performance of your aquarium devices, such as air pumps, without disrupting airflow. 

How do you fit the valve?

The valve is fitted onto the airline between the pump and the air stone. The internal diameter of the valve is designed to fit a standard aquarium airline, so be sure to check the valve will fit your air pipe or tube and is suitable for your system.



Brand Swell
Colour Blue
Material Plastic
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