Swell Airstone 1 inch (2 pack)

Improve circulation with these aquarium air stones

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  • Ceramic airstones to improve aeration of aquarium water
  • Creates a decorative curtain of fine bubbles
  • Two air stones included
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What is the Swell Airstone?

Swell one-inch airstones are made from high-quality sintered ceramic. Each airstone is very durable and can be washed easily. The shape of the stone means that a curtain of bubbles is emitted spreading across your fish tank, creating a natural air flow. This not only looks lovely in the aquarium but also helps the aeration and circulation of the water to stop the formation of stagnant water spots.

Why do I need an airstone for my aquarium?

While airstones don't oxygenate water on their own, they offer many benefits as they diffuse the oxygen produced by air pumps throughout the tank water. They ensure that fish tanks get all of the oxygenated water needed to allow fish to breathe through their gills. Without an effective airstone, your fish may develop illnesses or spend a lot of time at the surface of the tank trying to get more oxygen.

How do you set up the Swell Airstone?

To set up the Swell Airstone, simply set up your air pump normally with an airline then connect the airline to the top of the stone. The stones will work correctly with a standard 4mm airline and will create a fine mist of bubbles when the air pump is active.

How long do airstones last?

The lifespan of an airstone depends on the materials used to make it, airstones can be made from wood, ceramic and stone, the mineral content of the water and how often they are cleaned. Depending on the conditions within your aquarium, a stone may last anywhere from around 6 months to a few years.



Brand Swell
Pack size 2 pack
Connection 4mm airline


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