Hozelock Air Pump

Air pump range with a wide range of flow rates

At a glance...
  • High performance, reliable air pump for large fish and Koi ponds
  • Ideal for densely stocked ponds and in summer when oxygen levels decline
  • Creates a strong circulation of water

What is the Hozelock Air Pump?

The Hozelock Air Pump is a reliable air pump, used for large fish or koi ponds, which comes in handy during the summer months when oxygen levels decline, especially if your pond is densely stocked. Hozelock Air Pumps are cheap to run and ideal for a variety of ponds. Fish will become visibly more active in an oxygen-rich pond, and less stagnant patches can develop. An air pump can also be used in winter months to stop the pond freezing over.

What are the features of the Hozelock Air Pump?

Hozelock’s collection of air pumps run at a low wattage, whilst still providing the best performance – saving you money and energy. They each come complete with air stones (how many depends upon the model, specified below), airline, and cable to create a simple, quick installation. These pumps are also contained in a smart weatherproof casing which can withstand the elements for long lasting service.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for any ponds including wildlife pools
  • Non submersible pumps
  • Air pump case has been meticulously designed to ensure the pump can be safely left (uncovered) outdoors to simplify installation
  • Air stones allow maximum diffusion of air into the water
  • If necessary, additional air stones can be added to provide oxygen to different areas of the pond
  • Each kit comes complete with air stones, manifold and airline
  • All Hozelock Air Pumps come with 2 years guarantee
Product Flow Rate Maximum Recommended Depth of Air Stone Output at 1m Depth Maximum Pressure Air Outlets Length of Air Tube Diameter of Air Tube Air
Air Stone Size Pump Rating Cable Length
Air Pump 320lph 320lph 1.2m 230lph 0.014MPa 2 1 x 10m 4mm 2 3cm x 3cm 4w 3m
Air Pump 640lph 640lph 1.2m 450lph 0.014MPa 4 1 x 10m 4mm 4 3cm x 3cm 8w 3m
Air Pump 1500lph 1500lph 2m 900lph 0.026MPa 6 2 x 10m 4mm 2 5cm x 5cm 17w 10m
Air Pump 45 (2700lph) 2700lph 2m 2100lph 0.030MPa 12 2 x 10m 4mm 2 5cm x 10cm 35w 10m
Air Pump 75 (4500lph) 4500lph 3m 2700lph 0.039MPa 12 2 x 10m 4mm 2 5cm x 10cm 35w 10m
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