Hozelock Pond Vac

For cleaning and removing waste from ponds

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  • Compact and lightweight pond vacuum
  • Extendable up to 2m for long reach
  • Designed with three suction nozzles and adjustable handle
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The Hozelock Pond Vac requires only a little electrical energy to remove dirt & debris from your pond, quickly and efficiently. The ultimate in pond spring cleaning, the Pond Vac range comes with everything you need to set it up.

Hozelock Pond Vacs have a pump head completely submerged under the water, for continuous running, which makes the task up to 30% faster.

The Pond Vac's low power consumption means it is up to seven times more efficient at delivering significantly reduced running costs. The compact, portable design ensures that it is both easy to operate around the pond and store away after use.

The brightly coloured nozzles make it easy to see in the pond and the transparent connector between waste hose and handle makes it easy to see how much waste you are removing. There are two suction nozzles available for the Pond Vac, which affix directly to the inlet of the head assembly and ensure efficient cleaning of all pond areas.

Cutter blades are built into the head assembly so that any large debris such as leaves passing through can be chopped up to avoid blockage. Up to four sectioned, rigid aluminium tubes, through which the waste passes, are attached to the head assembly to provide a total reach of two metres.

The cable leading from the head assembly is attached to the outside of the tubing by clips to keep it neatly out of the way. The extracted waste is passed through a waste hose. All water, debris and waste is removed from the pond to ensure no harmful pollutants are returned. The waste water can be pumped down a drain or on to a flower bed.

Attach the Hozelock Pond Vac Basket to collect more waste and debris from your pond.

Cable length 10m
Waste hose 3m
Pump wattage 60W
Handle length Up to 2m for a long reach
Suction power -53 mBar
Nozzles 2 - one wide for larger areas and one small for more fiddly corners
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