Pond Air Line & Accessories

Pond airlines and accessories help and advice

Maintain and upgrade your air pump

Every pond air pump and airstone require accessories such as airline and connectors. We carry a wide range of products designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.

What are pond airlines and accessories?

Pond air pumps are normally sold with everything you need to get started but you may find that you need extra accessories to get the very best results from them. Most of the accessories we sell are either repair kits or sinking airlines. Airlines are are slim cables that run from the pump to the pond. They are available in various sizes and can be cut to a specified length or come in 30m lengths.

Why should I buy pond airlines and accessories?

Our accessories help you to get the most out of your air pump, whether that's ensuring that your airline reaches the bottom of your pond or that you have everything you need to make quick repairs should your air pump become damaged. This can help you ensure the safety of your pond life as a broken or ineffective air pump could quickly lead to your pond becoming deoxygenated.

What are the main types of pond airlines and accessories?

The two main items we sell in this category are airlines and repair kits. Repair kits are specific to a particular model or range and include a variety of spare parts so you can swap out anything that becomes damaged.

What features should you look out for when buying pond airlines?

The main things to consider when buying an airline is the durability, weight and length of the hose. Most hoses are now weighted to ensure they sink to the bottom of your pond and are durable enough to resist the occasional bite from fish but it is important to find a hose that has both of these features. When looking at the length of the airline you need, ensure that you will be able to run the airline from wherever your pump is set up to the bed of your pond.