Velda Plant Substrate

Grow a spectacular garden pond paradise

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  • Substrate for planting of pond plants
  • Available in 10 kg bags
  • Stimulates powerful growth
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Velda Plant Substrate has been composed especially for the planting of pond plants. It prevents the root parts of plants from rotting and stimulates powerful growth. A complete product, you will not require any other pond soil or gravel.

The substrate takes nutrients from the water and delivers it straight to the roots for optimum growth and vitality.

Instructions for use

  • For potting pond plants always choose spacious plant baskets. In case of coarse-threaded baskets use a hessian liner to prevent the substrate from washing away.
  • Fill the baskets completely with Plant Substrate and wet the material before potting a pond plant.
  • Carefully push the lower part of the stem in the substrate and cover it with ca 2 cm of substrate. Plant Substrate does not make the water cloudy. and does not have to be covered by another material.
  • Depending on the size of the planting basket the contents of the present packing will be sufficient for potting 1 or 2 baskets.


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